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Community Social Services

How To Protect What Matters Most

Community social service organizations face a variety of strategic challenges in competing for funding, building their brands, balancing budgets, and promoting sound governance. These activities and others create risk at every turn – yet busy decision-makers seldom have the time, expertise, or resources to proactively manage it. Without expert guidance, their commercial insurance provides less-than-airtight protection against emergent threats. 

Your Catalyst for Mission

HUB International, a leading full service global insurance brokerage and strategic risk advisor, delivers tailored products and services to address the most complex asset protection and human capital challenges through a dedicated specialty practice created expressly for the community social services sector. Whether an organization is staging a special event, serving vulnerable persons, acquiring fine art, managing a substantial endowment, or opening a new office abroad, no risk management challenge is unfamiliar to our experts – and with over 400 offices worldwide, every solution is within reach.

Andrew Langley
Community Social Services Specialist

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